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Pastor James L. Hines

   Pastor James L. Hines born and raised in Benton Harbor, MI (Parents Rev. Joseph & Flora Hines), where he met his high school sweetheart Leontyne Smith(Parents Sammie and Allene Smith ),which was his first and only girlfriend.  Hines received the Athlete of the year award in 1980, among many other awards during his high school years.  After high school, Hines continued his education at Central Michigan University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree. In 1988, Hines received a job offer as a Computer Programmer from Consumers Power Company, now known as Consumers Energy.  He didn't know nothing about the city of Jackson but it was 30 miles away from Lansing , Michigan where the love of his life was attending graduate school at Michigan State University.

   In 1988, Pastor and Sister Hines united as one in holy matrimony. They have two children Joseph and Alyse Hines. Joseph, age 24 graduated from thee Ohio State University and is currently attending graduate school at Michigan State University. Alyse, age 22 a senior at Michigan State University. First Lady Hines, is a Human Resource Manager for the Department of Corrections for the state of Michigan. Shortly after accepting the offer and moving to Jackson , Pastor Hines career path took a sharp turn .Pastor Hines joined Lily Missionary Baptist Church as an associate minister under the Late Great Pastor George Wade.  Shortly afterwards The Lord Called Pastor Wade to him , and called Pastor Hines known as the "The Boy Preacher" to fill the role of being the pastor at the age of 25.

   Pastor Hines have been obedient to God's word and been leading Lily Missionary Baptist Church for almost three decades. Pastor is currently writing two books. The first book is called "I Believe Him", a story about him answering the call to preach and building a $5 million dollar church and center.  The second book is called "The Trial" (A Father in Pursuit of Justice for His Son), which is about his high profile son who was beaten by the police officers while attending college.

  Pastor Hines is very active in the Jackson community , state of Michigan and can possibly throughout the United States of America.

He have been awarded many great awards from Citizen of the year , the liberty award and the prestige's Martin Luther King award. His latest honor was receiving a personal letter from the Pope.  He's driven by his love for people and holiness.

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